RM98.00 RM146.50
QWARE Enamel Cast Iron Round 13cm Red Casserole Pot (600ml). Ideal for Individual Servings and Side Dishes
Price RM98.00 RM146.50
Size (L x W x H) 14 cm x 15 cm x 8 cm

Product dimension : 13 cm (D) x 6 cm (H)
Weight: 1.42kg

A must have for all kitchens
Use for individual side dishes, desserts, mini meals, condiments or decorations
Excellent Heat Distribution and Retention
Heavyweight enamel cast iron transfers and retains heat evenly
- this retains original flavours of food
- food will still keep warm after the heat is turned off
Tightly fitting lid create a circular heating effect
- this maintains and retains the moisture of the food
Long lasting and quality enamel
Quality interior enamel resists staining and dulling
Bright colours to brighten up your table top
Colourful and attractive design, which can be used as serving dishes
Directly from the stove or oven to the table.
Can be used on gas, ceramic and induction stoves, and oven safe up to 250C.
Side helper handles can fit into oven.

Care & Use:
Wash the pot with a mild detergent and warm water before using it for the first time.
Allow pot to cool before washing it.
Hand-wash using the soft side of a sponge.
Rinse thoroughly & dry immediately with a soft and damp cloth after washing.
Wooden utensils, silicone tools or heat-resistant plastic tools are recommended.
DO NOT use any metal tools or utensils as it may scratch or chip the enamel surface.
DO NOT use hand-held electric or battery-operated beaters inside the cookware while cooking as their blades may damage the enamel layer of the cookware.
DO NOT use in microwave, outdoor grills or over campfires.
To extend the lifespan of the cookware, heat and cool it gradually.
The enamel coating will chip or crack if dropped or banged on hard surfaces.

While Cooking:
Use low to medium heat setting to achieve best cooking results.
Do not use high heat to preheat this product as it can burn the food.
DO NOT heat empty enamel pot as it may cause damage to the enamel layer, ALWAYS add water or oil while heating the pot.
DO NOT slide the cookware, always lift the cookware to move.
DO NOT add cold water while cookware is heated or during cooking, use hot water instead.
Handles can get hot, please protect your hand by using an oven gloves.

DO NOT fill a hot cookware with cold water or plunge in cold water as thermal shock may occur which may consequently result in cracking or loss of enamel.
DO NOT use steel wool or metallic pads to clean the cookware.
DO NOT use citrus-based cleaners, to protect the exterior gloss of the cookware.

Dry the cookware thoroughly before storing.
Store carefully in a dry place with low humidity.
DO NOT stack the cookware.

QWare is Malaysia's leading brand very popularly used by hotels, restaurants and professional chefs in Malaysia. We are their appointed dealer to bring this high quality range of products to end users at affordable prices.

QWare products are tested and approved by the top inspection company SGS to ensure high quality and safety to end users.