QWARE 3250 Stainless Steel Sandwich Bottom Frying Pan (32 cm) Frying Pan Stainless Steel Pan Periuk Masak Kuali Leper
Price RM244.50
Size (L x W x H) 65 cm x 37 cm x 8 cm
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Warranty by Seller Product dimension: 32 cm (D) x 5 cm (H)
Bottom diameter: 25.5 cm
Total length: 59.6 cm
Weight: 1.45 kg

Professional grade stainless steel frying pan 32 cm (D) x 5 cm (H)
Professional grade cookware suitable for home cook, beginners and chefs
A must have utensil for frying eggs, vegetables or searing meat
Holds high heat without burning
Built to last
Stay cool handle with eyelet to be hung for convenient storage
Suitable for all stovetops and induction cookers
Washable in dishwasher

QWare is Malaysia's leading brand very popularly used by hotels, restaurants and professional chefs in Malaysia. We are their appointed dealer to bring this high quality range of products to end users at affordable prices.

QWare products are tested and approved by the top inspection company SGS to ensure high quality and safety to end users.

QWare Stainless Pans are made using tri-ply construction:
1) High Corrosion Resistance 21CT Stainless Steel - this makes the pots long lasting and easy to maintain and clean while ensuring that food does not react chemically with the pots.
2) Aluminum Core and Magnetic Stainless Steel - Even heating allowing for faster and efficient cooking without burning the food.
3) Magnetic Stainless Steel bottom is induction compatible and any stovetops.