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QWARE Cast Iron Rectangle Baking Dish (14cm*9cm) With Wooden Board
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Size (L x W x H) 25 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm
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Comes with a specially made wooden base.
Skillet dimension : 14 cm (D) x 9 cm (W) x 4 cm (H); Total length : 18.4 cm
Wooden board dimension : 18.5 cm (L) x 9.3 cm (W) x 1.5 cm (H)
Ideal for individual side dishes, desserts, mini meals, condiments or decoratiosn
QWare Cast Iron Cookware is a MUST HAVE for all kitchens! It fries, sautés, sears, browns and roasts.
Cast Iron Cookware is can be used on the grill, in the oven, on the stove or even over a barbecue pit.
Cast Iron Cookware is the choice of most chefs as it provides superior, even heat distribution and retention.
Cooking in Cast Iron Cookware draws out great aromas and flavours while slow cooking preserves the nutrients.
Cast Iron cookware is free from harmful chemicals.
Can serve the dishes straight from the oven or stove to the table.
The Cast Iron Skillet is preseason to prevent rusting.
It is recommended to apply a thin layer of vegetable oil to keep it rust free and to maintain its non-stick capabilities.
Easy to handle grip handles.
Care and use :
Wash, rinse and dry this product before using it the first time.
Wash with warm soapy water and dry immediately and thoroughly after washing.
Store in a dry location.
Use soft sponge, avoid metal scouring pads, as it can harm the seasoning.
Avoid dishwashers.
Apply a thin layer of vegetable oil on the cooking surface before and after use to keep it rust free.
Cast iron performs best when heated and cooled gradually, so preheat the pan slowly before adding food.
Cook with low to medium heat to prevent food from sticking as cast iron retains heat very well.
Use oven gloves when the skillet is hot.

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