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Tranzplan (2.3MM) FRYING WOK (26/28/30CM) VD2623/VD2823/VD3023
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The wok is a versatile cooking vessel that can be used for stir-frying, steaming, to soup making.
The frying woks are coated with a non-stick layer called Xylan.
Xylan is made of the same material as the better known Teflon, and therefore has similar properties.
Xylan requires fewer layers of application compared to other similar products, resulting in lighter cookwares.
100% brand new item and good quality product.

*VD2623 26CM (2.3MM) FRYING WOK*
Product Dimension: D 26 cm x L 45 cm x H 7.8 cm
Estimate Weight (kg): 1

*VD2823 28CM (2.3MM) FRYING WOK*
Product Dimension: D 28 cm x L 47 cm x H 8 cm
Estimate Weight (kg): 2

*VD3023 30CM (2.3MM) FRYING WOK*
Product Dimension: D 30 cm x L 49 cm x H 9.3 cm
Estimate Weight (kg): 2

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