[READY STOCK] QWARE PRESSURE COOKER Aluminium Stove Top Periuk Tekanan (7L / 9L / 11L / 15L / 18L / 25L)
RM128.80 RM184.00
[READY STOCK] QWARE PRESSURE COOKER Aluminium Stove Top Periuk Tekanan (7L / 9L / 11L / 15L / 18L / 25L)
Price RM128.80 RM184.00
Size (L x W x H) 35 cm x 35 cm x 30 cm
Cooker Size

Warranty by Seller DIMENSION :
1) 7 litres cooker : 24 cm (D) x 16.5 cm (H)
2) 9 litres cooker : 26 cm (D) x 17.5 cm (H)
3) 11 litres cooker : 28 cm (D) x 19 cm (H)
4) 15 litres cooker : 30 cm (D) x 22 cm (H)
5) 18 litres cooker : 32 cm (D) x 23 cm (H)
6) 25 litres cooker : 34 cm (D) x 26 cm (H)
Multi-functional cooker.
Material : Aluminum Alloy 3003.
Saving up to 70% cook time.
Safety valve.
Maximum cooking temperature 120ºC.
High temperature resistant lid handle.
Tight-fitting aluminum cover ensure the steam stays in and food stay hot.
Two side handles for added mobility, making it easy to lift this cooker.
Energy saving.
Shorter cooking time.
Safe to use.
It retains nutrients in the food.
Necking technology help to increase the hardness of pressure cooker.
Suitable for both home and commercial use.

A cooking ware designed to keep steam inside high altitudes atmospheres to achieve higher boiling points within shorter time and lesser energy. It reduces the cooking time to just one third of conventional cooking methods. Qware Aluminium Pressure Cooker uses lesser water, shorter cooking time and higher temperature to accomplish more concentrate and desirable flavour. Qware Aluminium Pressure Cooker preserves the nutrients and vitamin better as cooking takes shorter length of time when done at higher temperature. It's classical design and durability makes it suitable for both home or everyday commercial use.
We have different cooker sizes to suit cooking for every family size with 7, 9, 11 and 15 litres capacity.

Care and Use:
Allow pressure cooker to cool before washing.
Avoid using steel scouring pads or harsh detergents.
Hand wash lid.
Cooker base dishwasher safe.
Completely dry this product before storing.
Do not store cooker with highly acidic food.
Do not soak in water over long period of time.

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