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New Arrival! Stainless Steel Measuring Cup (2 Liter) With Handle With Marking Milk Cup Frothing Pitcher Cawan Penyukat Keluli Tahan Karat 不锈钢量杯

304 stainless steel, robust rust-resistant. Accurate scale, easy to see the amount of ingredients. The handle is ergonomically designed and comfortable to hold. Dripless spout won't make a mess of the counter top and bringing you much convenience for coffee art. Can also act as a milk pitcher to froth milk for latte art. Dishwasher Safe. Ready Stocks. Orders ship out within 1-2 working days.
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Easy to Use: The measuring scales (lines) on the inside of the cup are easy to read and have units for OZ and L. The ounce measurement starts from 16 oz to 64 oz with 2 oz step value. The litre measurement starts from 0.5L (500 ml) to 2L (2000 ml) with 0.1L (100 ml) step value.

Unbreakable: Made of stainless steel, durable, unbreakable, sturdy, and strong. It will last longer than plastic and glass. No need to worry about it breaking by dropping it accidentally. Please do not use the stainless steel measuring cup with acids, salts and other corrosive chemical liquids.

Heavy Duty: Lighter than some heavy glass measuring cup with the same capacity. Wide mouth design of the cup, makes it so easy to clean and use.

Solid Handle: Comfortable design. The angled handle allows you to hold and pour liquid securely. With closed handle, easy to store, just hang it on the wall of your kitchen.

Modern Look: The measuring cup has a sleek and smooth appearance and is great to use at home, restaurants, bars and parties. Whether cooking for your family or entertaining your friends, it is the perfect tool. It's also an ideal tool for measuring pet food portions (dog, cat, bird, etc.)



Not suitable for use on glass ceramic hob.

Not suitable for use on cast iron hob.

Not suitable for use on induction hob.

Not suitable for use on gas hob.