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Pre-seasoned Chef Grade Cast Iron Grill Pan/ Cast Iron Steak Pan & Built-in Pouring Spout

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1) 23CM SQUARE CAST IRON GRILL PAN CI2323SQ with Built-in Pouring Spout, Easy Grease Draining
Dimension : L 23.4 cm x W 23.9cm x H 3.3 cm
Total Length : 35.7 cm
Weight : 2 12 kg

2) 25CM SQUARE CAST IRON GRILL PAN CI2525SQ with Built-in Pouring Spout, Easy Grease Draining
Dimension : L 25 cm x W 25 cm x H 4.4 cm
Total Length : 39.7 cm
Weight : 2.71 kg

If you wish to sear, bake, fry or grill your dishes in a professional style, then you will need our Qware® Square Cast Iron Grill Pan. Steak naturally tastes extra delicious when it is grilled. With the grill marks, it will look even more delicious and inviting. Without any synthetic coatings or chemicals, it's the best choice for healthy cooking.

* One-piece cast iron construction.
* Thick layer of pan retains heat well.
* Deep ridges that creates professional and restaurant-level ridges on steak or vegetables.
* Made by 100% iron, it can be used on all kinds of stove including induction cooktops, ovens and campfire.
* It’s a timeless choose both in style and quality.

Wash, rinse and seasoned this product before using it for the first time.
Hand-wash then heat on stove or in oven to dry it immediately after washing.
Apply a thin layer of cooking oil on the pan and heat for another 5 minutes.
Ideal for use on any type of cooktop, including induction.

Care of Cast Iron Pans:
For the first few times, you will need to season the pan until it develops its own natural seasoning.
1) Wash and shrub the pan with detergent before use.
2) Dry it and heat it in an oven or on stove top.
3) Oil the whole pan with olive oil or any vegetable oil. Rub oil all over. Remove excess oil.
4) Then heat in oven for about 1 hour at 300 degree Fahrenheit or if on stovetop till the pan smokes, lower heat and leave for 10 mins.
5) Let it cool and store in dry place NOT under the sink.

After first wash, don’t use detergent anymore. You can use salt to remove any food stuck on pan or put water and boil till the stuck food is removed. Don’t soak the cast iron pans so that water will not seep into the cast iron.

Once the pan has developed its own natural non stick coating, you just need to season it once a while to maintain it.

1) Why are cast iron pans surface not smooth?
Cast iron pan is a natural element and due to the process of making cast iron, it has a bumpy rough surface. However, this rough surface will be smoothened by regular use and seasoning.

2) What should I do if it rusts?
Cast iron pan can be restored easily. Just have to wash off the rusts with hot water, mix with some white vinegar, then gently scrub off. After that, season the pan as above.

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