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QWARE 21CM Natural Wenge Wood Spatula Rice Spoon Senduk Masak Nasi Dapur Kayu

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This wooden utensil is made of Wenge Wood, also well known as Chicken Wing Wood. Wenge wood is a natural wood which has excellent strength, hardness properties, resistant to wear and tear.

Dimension: L 21 cm X W 7.5 cm
The soft and gentle materials which can be used with the most delicate cooking surfaces such as non-stick, glass, porcelain and enamel cookware. In addition, the ergonomic handle design is gently rounded so it's  comfortable while in use.
Care and Use:
Apply cooking oil on the product before use. The purpose of applying cooking oil is to reduce moisture being absorbed into the product and enable to enhance it’s appearance and life span.
Do not place this product in the oven or microwave.
Do not soak in the water for long period of time.
Do not expose this product to sunlight directly after washed.
Hand wash with mild soap after use and wipe with a dry cloth.

1. Warranty: One month one to one exchange for manufacturing defects.
2. The image only for illustration purpose only

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